Carlin 9859210FRU Universal EZGas Pro Gas Conversion Burner with 10" Air Tube for Boilers

Diffuser Plates: Includes three diffuser plates to accommodate various BTU input ranges:
• “A” Diffuser Plate: 175,000 - 275,000 BTUH
• “B” Diffuser Plate: 50,000 - 175,000 BTUH
• 9-Slot Diffuser Plate: 70,000 - 230,000 BTUH

Air Bands: Includes two air bands to accommodate various BTU input ranges:
• 1-Slot: 50,000 - 175,000 BTUH
• 2-Slot: 175,000 - 275,000 BTUH

Multi-Fit and Universal Burners include a Field-Drilled orifice. This orifice must be drilled in the field to suit the firing rate of the appliance.

Converts Oil-Fired Appliances to Natural Gas or Propane
Fires From 50,000 to 275,000 BTUH
Faster, Easier and More Cost Effective than Replacing the Heating Appliance
UL Listed

The Carlin EZGas Pro burner was designed to convert oil-fired appliances to natural gas or propane. When the existing oil appliance is in good operating condition, the EZGas Pro burner is fast and easy to install and provides a significantly less expensive alternative to replacing the heating appliance. With an input range of 50,000 to 275,000 BTUH, the EZGas Pro is ideal for virtually any residential conversion. The EZGas Pro fires refractory or non-refractory chambers and accommodates chimney vent, direct vent, or power vent applications. The 3 1/2" diameter air tube fits any heating appliance including furnaces, directfired water heaters and pin-style, steel, and three-pass boilers. The EZGas Pro burner is a UL Listed conversion burner meeting the code requirements for gas conversions in most areas.

High efficiency, compact flame pattern ensures clean, quiet operation

Easy color-coded wiring

Durable spark ignition with flame rod rectification

Operates in low and fluctuating gas pressures

Mixes fuel inside the combustion chamber for safe reliable operation.

Air Tube rotates to accommodate gas line from left or right

Advanced 60200FR Primary Control System
• LED Indicators
• Serviceman Reset Protection
• Flame Signal Test Port
• Alarm Contacts

IMPORTANT The Carlin EZGas Pro burner should be installed or serviced only by licensed and trained professionals. Failure to do so will void the warranty.