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More Information About 382-200-448

Weil Mclain 382-200-448 Gold Module Control Conversion Kit For GV, HE II, AHE Boilers UT 1013-200

This Module Converts GV, HE II, And AHE From The Obsolete Honeywell S9301A1001, Gold Control Module United Technologies 1013-10 Or 1013-100 To The Newest Version Gold Module United Technologies 1013-200

382200448, 10C400

Weil-McLain uses an enhanced boiler control module (1013-200) (Kit Part No. 382-200-448) for
replacement on the GV Series 1 and 2 and on HE, HEII and VHE hot surface ignition control systems.
The enhanced module works properly with Taco 007, Grundfos UP15-42, or B & G LR20 circulators.
However, the enhanced module will not work with the higher amp draw circulators such as the B & G 100
or the Taco 110 without the use of an isolation relay. These larger circulators were offered as options
with the purchase of the original boilers. The larger circulators draw more amps than the module can
provide, and if used without an isolation relay will cause damage to the control module.

GV Series 1 and 2, may be equipped with a B & G 100 circulator to deliver more head to the system.
This circulator is not compatible with the enhanced module 1013-200 (Kit Part No. 382-200-448). The
1013-200 module is rated for a maximum of 3 amps lock rotor and 2.7 amps full load for the circulator
circuit. To allow the B & G 100 circulator to operate properly, a 120 volt isolation relay with one set of
normally open contacts, rated for a minimum 23 amps, lock rotor and 3 amps, full load is required.

All series of HE, HEII and VHE boilers may be equipped with a B & G 100 or Taco 110 circulator. As
detailed above, an isolation relay must be utilized when one of these larger circulators is on the system.

NOTE: The GV Series 3 boiler can only be used with the Taco 007, Grundfos UP15-42 or the B & G
LR20 circulator for either the system circulator or the bypass circulator. The 1013-200 module will only
allow proper circulator ramping with the above circulators. Higher amp draw circulators will not allow the
circulators to ramp up and down properly causing the internal boiler water mixing to be inappropriate for
proper boiler operation and protection.


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