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Electrical Rating: supply voltage: 120, 208/240 or 277VAC 50/60 Hz.
Control input voltage:
Maximum ignitor current:
5 amps resistive
Maximum valve current:
1.5 amps @ 24VAC
Ambient temperature:
-40 to 176°F
Operating humidity:
95% @ 104°F
Thermostat anticipator current: .1A + load
Factory model:  HS780-17NL-304A (RHEEM SP10758)
Pre-Purge/Ignitor warm-up timer:  17 sec.
Sensor Type:  Local
Ignition Attempts (Before Lockout):  1
Module Supply Voltage:   120 VAC
Replacems OEM Part No.:  Rheem water heater P/N 41-AP10758
Comments:  Non Pre-Purge

AUTOMATIC CANTEEN HS780-17/NL-304A Functional, AUTOMATIC RANGE HS780-17/NL-108A Functional, AUTOROLL MACHINE HS780-17/NL-104A Functional, AUTOROLL MACHINE HS780-17/NL-104A Exact, CHOICE VEND 41-AP10758/5 Functional, CHROMALOX 41-AP10758 Functional, CHROMALOX 41-AP10758 Exact, FRIGETTE 100-00812-60 Functional, FRIGETTE 100-812-60 Functional Electronic Control, FRIGIKING 100-00812-58 Functional, FRIGIKING 100-812-58 Functional Electronic Control, FROSTMASTER/CARRIER 100-00812-47 Functional, FROSTY FACTORY 100-812-47 Functional Electronic Control, GENERAC 100-00812-36 Functional, GENERAL EQUIP.MFG. 100-00812-34 Functional, GENERAL FREEZER 100-812-34 Functional Electronic Control, GLASCOL 100-00812-30 Functional, GLASCOL 100-812-30 Functional Electronic Control, GLOW CORE 100-00812-27 Exact, GROEN MFG. 100-00812-17 Functional, GROEN MFG. 100-812-17 Functional Electronic Control, GULF MARINE 100-00812-15 Functional, H C ELECT. AMERICA 100-812-15 Functional Electronic Control, HARPCO/HARPER/WYMAN 100-00812-11 Functional, HARPCO/HARPER/WYMAN 100-812-11 Functional Electronic Control, HATCO CORP. 100-00812-08 Functional, HATCO CORP. 100-812-08 Functional Electronic Control, JADE RANGE INC. 7900005 Functional, KATOLIGHT 924547 Functional, KOHLER 182635 Functional, KRACK CORP. 94848 Functional, RHEEM AP11717 Exact, SP-10758, ROBERTSHAW 100-812-27 Functional, ROBERTSHAW 100-812-27 Exact Electronic Control, ROBERTSHAW 100-812-36 Functional Electronic Control, ROBERTSHAW 100-812-36 Functional UNI-LINE 10649 Exact Uni-Line UPC number. Number may appear preceded by Uni-Line's vendor i.d. number, 662013.ex. 66201312345.
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