• Manufacturer: ROBERTSHAW
  • Product Code: 780-790
  • This item usually ships: 1-2 Weeks.

More Information About 780-790

Robertshaw 780-790 Hot Surface Ignition Control Module

Factory Model:  HS780-17NL-304A (RHEEM SP10758)

Series Application 780 Series, Hot Surface Ignition
Flame Sense Method Local
Pre-Purge NA
Electrical Rating 1.5Amps
Ignition Attempts Before Lockout 1
Valve Trial Time 4 seconds
Thermostat Anticipator Setting 0.1Amps
Temperature Range -40°F to 176°F
Maximum Ignitor Current 5Amps
Supply Voltage 120V AC
Pre-Purge/Ignitor Warm-Up Timer 17 seconds
Sensor Type Local

Can Be Used To Replace:
100-00812-08 HATCO CORP. Functional
100-00812-11 HARPCO/HARPER/WYMAN Functional
100-00812-15 GULF MARINE Functional
100-00812-17 GROEN MFG. Functional
100-00812-27 GLOW CORE Exact
100-00812-30 GLASCOL Functional
100-00812-34 GENERAL EQUIP.MFG. Functional
100-00812-36 GENERAC Functional
100-00812-47 FROSTMASTER/CARRIER Functional
100-00812-58 FRIGIKING Functional
100-00812-60 FRIGETTE Functional
100-812-08 HATCO CORP. Functional
100-812-11 HARPCO/HARPER/WYMAN Functional
100-812-15 H C ELECT. AMERICA Functional
100-812-17 GROEN MFG. Functional
100-812-27 ROBERTSHAW Functional
100-812-27 ROBERTSHAW Exact
100-812-30 GLASCOL Functional
100-812-34 GENERAL FREEZER Functional
100-812-36 ROBERTSHAW Functional
100-812-47 FROSTY FACTORY Functional
100-812-58 FRIGIKING Functional
100-812-60 FRIGETTE Functional
10649 UNI-LINE Exact
182635 KOHLER Functional
41-AP10758 CHROMALOX Exact
41-AP10758 CHROMALOX Functional
41-AP107585 CHOICE VEND Functional
66201310649 UNI-LINE Functional
780-79K BLODGETT Exact
7900005 JADE RANGE INC. Functional
924547 KATOLIGHT Functional
94848 KRACK CORP. Functional
AP11717 RHEEM Exact
HS780-17NL-104A AUTOROLL MACHINE Functional
HS780-17NL-108A AUTOMATIC RANGE Functional
HS780-17NL-304A AUTOMATIC CANTEEN Functional
X294-47 WOLF RANGE Functional


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