• Manufacturer: RHEEM
  • Product Code: 47-100436-02
  • This item usually ships: Same Day.

More Information About 47-100436-02

Control Board

Commonly Used With:

Model: Part:

AHBA 47-100436-02

AHBL 47-100436-02

AHBA 47-100436-02

AHBL 47-100436-02

UBHP 47-100436-02

UBHP 47-100436-02

RHBL 47-100436-02

UHLA 47-102077-02

UHLL 47-102077-02

VHLL 47-102077-02

AHLA 47-102077-02

AHLL 47-102077-02


47-102077-02, 47-102077-02-04

Database Information:

Date Added to the system: 06/21/2006

Market Code: M472

UPC: 662766335231

Vendor UPC: 662766335231

Notes ยป

Uses 3A replacement fuse 44-101986-01. 4710043602


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