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  • Product Code: SMAN4

More Information About SMAN4

Fieldpiece SMAN4 4-Port Wireless Manifold & Vacuum Gauge


Your SMAN4 is the first true wirelessenabled
digital refrigerant 4-port manifold and
vacuum gauge for HVACR service. Use optional
wireless transmitters to receive temperature
measurements over-the-air for real-time
target superheat calculations. Your SMAN4 can
wirelessly send data to the HG3 HVAC Guide
for more extensive analysis, data logging, or
printing reports for your customers.

Your SMAN4 combines high precision,
absolute pressure manifold gauges, a superheat/
subcooling calculator, true micron gauge for
vacuum, and dual temperature measurements
into one easy-to-use instrument. Your SMAN4
calculates and simultaneously displays target
superheat and actual superheat to ensure
proper charging of a unit. Your SMAN4’s 4-port
manifold has a large 3/8” vacuum port and 3/8”
bore throughout the block for quicker recovery
and evacuations.

Your SMAN4 is designed to meet the demands
of the HVACR technician with a ruggedized
rubber boot for durability, a strong metal
hanger for easy storage and a form fitting, water
resistant, padded nylon pouch.


Superheat and Subcooling

1 Press circular button to cycle through temperature modes until SH and SC are shown. The SMAN4 can calculate and display both superheat and subcooling simultaneously.

2 Select the appropriate refrigerant using the REFRIGERANT button.

3 Connect EPA approved refrigerant hoses to low and high side on SMAN4. Plug K-type thermocouple pipe clamps into T1 and T2.

4 Connect your SMAN4 to the system:

Superheat: Hand tighten low side hose to suction line service port. Place the T1 pipe clamp thermocouple on the suction line between the evaporator and compressor, no closer than 6 inches to compressor.

Subcooling: Hand tighten high side hose to liquid line service port. Attach the T2 pipe clamp thermocouple on the liquid line between the condenser and expansion valve (TXV), as close to the service port as possible.

5 After turning the system on or making any adjustments to
the system wait 15 minutes before charging by superheat or
subcooling to ensure that the system is running normally.

6 To add or remove refrigerant connect a refrigerant or recovery tank to the REF port on SMAN4. Follow charging or recovery practices from manufacturer. Use the low side, high side, and REF valves on SMAN4 to charge or recover refrigerant as needed. Let system stabilize again for 15 minutes.


Wireless range: Up to 100 feet (30m)

Initial wireless sync range: Within 10 feet (3m)

Mini-USB port: For updating to newer versions of firmware

Display size: 5 inches (diagonal)

Backlight: Blue (On for 1 minute unless turned off manually)

Battery: 6 x AA (Battery life below based on alkaline type)

Battery life: Approx. 135 hours (without backlight and wireless)

Low battery indication: is displayed when the battery
voltage drops below the operating level

Auto shut off: 30 minutes of inactivity when APO is activated

Over range: "OL" or "-OL" is displayed

Operating environment: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) at <75% RH

Storage temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C), 0 to 80% RH

(with battery removed) Weight: 4.03 lbs (1.83 kg)


Sensor type: Absolute pressure sensors

Connector type: Standard 1/4" and 3/8" NPT male flare fitting

Range: 29” HgV to 580psig (English), 74 cmHgV to 0 to 4000KPa

(Metric), 4.000MPa (Metric), and 40.00bar (Metric)

Resolution: 0.1 psi/inHg; 1 kPa/cmHg; 0.001MPa; 0.01bar

Accuracy: 29” HgV to 0” HgV: ±0.2” HgV

74 cmHgV to 0 cmHgV: ±1 cmHgV

0 to 200 Psig: ±1 Psi; 0 to 1378 KPa: ±7 KPa; 0 to 1.378MPa:
±0.007MPa; 0 to ±0.07bar

200 to 580 Psig: ±0.3%+1 Psi; 1378 to 4000KPa: ±0.3%+7 Kpa;
1.378 to 4.000MPa: ±0.3%+0.007MPa; 13.78 to 40.00bar:

Maximum overload pressure: 800 psig

Units: Psig, kPa, MPa, bar, inHg, and cmHg


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