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HOT SURFACE IGNITION STEP OPENING GAS VALVE 1/2" INLET X 3/4" OUTLET OR OPTIONAL 1/2" SIDE OUTLETS WITH PLUGS, HAS PILOT OUTLET WITH PLUG, COMES WITH NATURAL AND LP GAS REGULATOR KITS, 150,000 BTU CAPACITY, The 720 Electronic Ignition Gas Valves are designed for a wide variety of heating applications. The valves incorporate a manual valve, dual automatic valves and a main gas regulator. Wiring connections, manual selector and adjustments are easily accessible on top of the valve. With a 3-9/16" swing radius, the 720 series lends itself well to replacing many O.E.M. valves. Controls are multiposition and can be mounted in any position (except upside down). To prevent unsafe attempts at repair, special screws are used and replacement parts are NOT available.

COLEMAN / EVCON 2900-326 Functional, COLEMAN / EVCON 6244903 Functional, COLEMAN / EVCON 6244903 Functional, COMBUSTION RESEARCH 7C4A7J502 Functional, EVCON AIR PRO 7A5A7J502 Functional, EVCON AIR PRO 7A5A7J502 Functional, EVCON AIR PRO 7A5A7J542 Functional, EVCON AIR PRO 7C6C7F512 Functional, HONEYWELL V8205C1003 Functional, HONEYWELL V8205P1202 Functional, HONEYWELL VR8205C1008 Functional, HONEYWELL VR8205C1016 Functional, HONEYWELL VR8205C1024 Functional, HONEYWELL VR8205C1032 Functional, HONEYWELL VR8205C1040 Functional, HONEYWELL VR8205C1057 Functional, HONEYWELL VR8205P1186 Functional, HONEYWELL VR845P1008 Functional, HONEYWELL VR845P1016 Functional, HONEYWELL VR845P1156 Functional, RHEEM 60-22525-03 Functional, RHEEM 7A5B6J506 Functional, ROBERTSHAW 7100DER-SO-2 Exact, ROBERTSHAW 7100DER-SO-3 Exact, ROBERTSHAW 7100DER-SO-4 Exact, ROBERTSHAW 7100DER-SO-5 Exact, ROBERTSHAW 7200DER-SO Functional, ROBERTSHAW 7200DER-SO Exact, ROBERTSHAW 7200DER-SO-3 Functional Original control may have slight variances. 24 VOLT HOT SURFACE IGNITION DUAL VALVE, STEP OPENING CONTROL WITH NATURAL GAS REGULATOR., ROBERTSHAW 7200DER-SO-3-LP Exact, ROBERTSHAW 7200ER-SO-3 Exact, ROBERTSHAW 7200ER-SO-3 Functional, ROBERTSHAW 7200ER-SO-4 Exact, ROBERTSHAW 7200ER-SO-4-LP Exact, ROBERTSHAW 7A5F4J502 Functional, ROBERTSHAW 7A6A7J502 Functional, ROBERTSHAW 7A6A7J502 Functional, ROBERTSHAW 7C4-A7J-502 Exact, ROBERTSHAW 7C4-B6J-502 Exact, UNI-LINE 63496 Exact Uni-Line UPC number. Number may appear preceded by Uni-Line's vendor i.d. number, 662013.ex. 66201312345., UNI-LINE 7C4B6J502 Exact, UNKNOWN 7A5A7J547 Functional, YORK INTERNATIONAL 025-29087-700 Functional, YORK INTERNATIONAL 2736-326P Functional, YORK INTERNATIONAL 2900-326P Functional
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