• Manufacturer: ROBERTSHAW
  • Product Code: 4750-010

More Information About 4750-010

Lo-Temp Oven Thermostat with flange nipple mounting, 3/16" x 4" bulb and 36" capillary. The 4750 Series (ELO) oven thermostat kits are designed to replace a wide variety of model ELO thermostats used by OEMs. These thermostats are used with the 4060-700 series safety valves and single tube oven pilots. When this system is in operation, heater pilot gas is thermostatically controlled by the 4750 control. The heater pilot in turn cycles the 4060 700 Series safety valve, which snaps "on" and "off" to control the flow of main burner gas and maintain the dialed oven temperature. When the thermostat dial is turned to "off" the built-in Poppet valve shuts off all gas to the safety valve. The 4750 Uni-Kits include all the necessary main burner and pilot outlet fittings needed when replacing a model ELO thermostat. NOTE: Suitable for L.P. and natural gas. Ambient rating 300°F. U.L. file number MH4081. AGA-CGA Cert. No.: T2765006.

OBSOLETE WITH NO REPLACEMENT Replaces: ROBERTSHAW 4750-002, ROBERTSHAW 4750-004, ROBERTSHAW 4750-005, ROBERTSHAW 4750-007, GLENWOOD 74093-00, GLENWOOD 75058-00, TAPPAN 722T058P01, J.B. SLATTERY 040-24, MAGIC CHEF WEST993-464, MAGIC CHEF WEST993-472, HARDWICKOC-010-140-99, ROPER 306228


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