• Manufacturer: ROBERTSHAW
  • Product Code: 3030-506
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More Information About 3030-506

Refrigeration Cold Control with 24" capillary and fixed differential at 13°F. The 3030-500 Series Uni-Kits feature a constant differential between the cut-in and cut-out temperatures. Turning the dial changes the operating temperature but the differential remains the same. Designed specifically for replacement of controls used in "frostless" refrigerators as well as standard U-type evaporator models. Uni-Kits include all necessary adaptor mounting brackets, dial shaft adaptors, dial drivers, mounting screws and installation instructions. A.M.C. MFG. 27640 Functional, A.M.C. MFG. 27781 Functional, ABSOCOLD CORP. 3570 Functional, ADMIRAL 110C-1543-3 Functional, ADMIRAL 110C-1767-2 Functional, ADMIRAL 110C-1767-3 Functional, ADMIRAL 1543-2 Functional, ADMIRAL 1543-3 Functional, ADMIRAL 1767-2 Functional, ADMIRAL 52881-13 Functional, ADMIRAL 52881-15 Functional, ADMIRAL 52881-20 Functional, ADMIRAL 52881-23 Functional, ADMIRAL 52881-39 Functional, ADMIRAL 52881-41 Functional, ADMIRAL 52881-8 Functional, ADMIRAL 52881-9 Functional, ADMIRAL 65268-1 Exact, ADMIRAL 65268-2 Functional, ADMIRAL 9588-39 Functional, ADMIRAL 9588-40 Functional, ADMIRAL D65268-1 Functional, BANNER METALS 25-183 Functional, CUTLER HAMMER 9521N129 Functional, CUTLER HAMMER 9521N168 Functional, CUTLER HAMMER 9525N106 Functional, CUTLER HAMMER 9525N20 Functional, CUTLER HAMMER 9530N321 Functional, CUTLER HAMMER 9530N322 Functional, CUTLER HAMMER 9530N371 Functional, CUTLER HAMMER 9530N371X Functional, CUTLER HAMMER 9530N373 Functional, CUTLER HAMMER 9530N373X Functional, CUTLER HAMMER 9530N374 Functional, CUTLER HAMMER 9530N374X Functional, CUTLER HAMMER CC144 Functional, FIRESTONE X23336B Functional, FIRESTONE X23496 Functional, FIRESTONE X23582 Functional, FIRESTONE X27640 Functional, FIRESTONE X27781 Functional, FIRESTONE X33902A Functional, FRIGIDAIRE 614926 Functional, FRIGIDAIRE 9948314 Functional, FRIGIDAIRE 9948326 Functional, FRIGIDAIRE 9948331 Functional, FRIGIDAIRE 9948332 Functional, FRIGIDAIRE 9948334 Functional, FRIGIDAIRE 9948339 Functional, FRIGIDAIRE 9950076 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART32C3 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART32C4 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART51053 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5A19 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5AW15 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5AW16 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5AW18 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5AW25 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5AW6 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5AW7 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5AY13 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5AY8 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5AY9 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5C46 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5C75 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5C87 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5VC58 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5VC66 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5VC71 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5VC84 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5VG2 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5VH12 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5VH14 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5VH15 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5VH5 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5VH7 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5VH8 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5VK25 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5VK27 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5VK28 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5VK37 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) 3ART5VK47 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) BGR45 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X101 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X103 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X109 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X112 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X2054 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X223 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X252 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X254 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X257 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X265 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X279 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X280 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X286 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X287 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X299 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X333 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X343 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X352 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X353 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X355 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X357 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X360 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X5032 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X5054 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X5090 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X5092 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X5094 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X5100 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X5107 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X5121 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X57 Functional, G.E. (General Electric) WR9X6 Functional, GEMLINE GC-122 Functional, GEMLINE GC-140 Functional, GEMLINE GC-152 Functional, GEMLINE GC-152 Functional, GEMLINE GC-153 Functional, GEMLINE GC-153 Functional, GEMLINE GC-169 Functional, GEMLINE GC-169 Functional, GEMLINE GC-220 Functional, GEMLINE GC-220 Functional, GEMLINE GC506 Exact, GEMLINE GC-506 Functional, GEMLINE GC-506 Functional, GIBSON 108276 Functional, GIBSON 109341 Functional, GIBSON 115414 Functional, GIBSON 115662 Functional, GIBSON 23336-B Functional, GIBSON 23416 Functional, GIBSON 29448 Functional, GIBSON 29559 Functional, GIBSON 29559-E Functional, GIBSON 29559-G Functional, GIBSON 29559-H Functional, GIBSON 30036 Functional, GIBSON 30053-B Functional, GIBSON 30053-C Functional, GIBSON 30353-B Functional, GIBSON 30353-C Functional, GIBSON B-513 Functional, GIBSON B-515 Functional, GIBSON B-516 Functional, GIBSON G109341 Functional, GIBSON G13748 Functional, GIBSON G16040 Functional, GIBSON G16496 Functional, GIBSON G21706 Functional, GIBSON G21714 Functional, GIBSON G22115 Functional, GIBSON G23336 Functional, GIBSON G23416 Functional, GIBSON G23582 Functional, GIBSON G28391 Functional, GIBSON G28448 Functional, GIBSON G29559 Functional, GIBSON X108276 Functional, GIBSON X109341 Functional, GIBSON X115414 Functional, GIBSON X29448 Functional, GIBSON X29559-E Functional, GIBSON X29559-G Functional, GIBSON Z162205-3 Functional, JOHNSTONE SUPPLY B11-405 Functional, KELVINATOR K101030 Functional, KELVINATOR K101031 Functional, KELVINATOR K101032 Functional, KELVINATOR K101069 Functional, KELVINATOR K101070 Functional, KELVINATOR K101087 Functional, KELVINATOR K1101200 Functional, KENMORE (SEARS) 36825 Functional, MARS AIR DOORS 26252 Functional, NORGE 12-6666 Functional, NORGE 28-14-0006-004 Functional, NORGE 28-14-0006-010 Functional, PHILCO 5530-318 Functional, PHILCO 5530-343-38 Functional, PHILCO 5530-343-55 Functional, PHILCO 5530-343-58 Functional, PHILCO 5530-343-59 Functional, PHILCO 5530-346-2 Functional, PHILCO 5530-351-2 Functional, RANCO A10-1122 Functional, RANCO A10-1124 Functional, RANCO A10-1140 Functional, RANCO A10-2039 Functional, RANCO A10-3976 Functional, RANCO A10-506 Functional, RANCO A10-512 Functional, RANCO A10-513 Functional, RANCO A10-533 Functional, RANCO A10-537 Functional, RANCO A10-561 Functional, RANCO A10-569 Functional, RANCO A10-571 Functional, RANCO A10-601 Functional, RANCO A10-6297 Functional, RANCO A10-6299 Functional, RANCO A10-631 Functional, RANCO A10-637 Functional, RANCO A10-6413 Functional, RANCO A10-725 Functional, RANCO A10-839 Functional, RANCO A10-849 Functional, RANCO A10-851 Functional, RANCO A10-867 Functional, RANCO A10-872 Functional, RANCO A30-120 Functional, RANCO A30-3598 Functional, RANCO A30-516 Functional, RANCO A30-517 Functional, RANCO A41-2021 Functional, RANCO B-506 Functional, RANCO B-562 Functional, RANCO CA10-1102-99 Functional, RANCO CA10-3875 Functional, RANCO CA10-849 Functional, RANCO K-129 Functional, RANCO K50-120 Functional, RANCO K50-P1200 Functional, RANCO K50-P1280 Functional, RANCO K50-P1281 Functional, RANCO M-1113 Functional, RANCO M-1114 Functional, RANCO M-1116 Functional, RANCO RJ-1042 Functional, RANCO RJ-1077 Functional, RANCO RJ-809 Functional, RANCO RJ-842 Functional, ROBERTSHAW RC32-1341 Functional, ROBERTSHAW RC32-1341B Functional, ROBERTSHAW RC32-1342 Functional, ROBERTSHAW RC32-1342B Functional, ROBERTSHAW RC32-1343 Functional, ROBERTSHAW RC32-1343B Functional, ROBERTSHAW RC32-1370 Exact, ROBERTSHAW RC32-1380 Exact, ROBERTSHAW RC62-1041 Functional, ROBERTSHAW RC62-1049 Functional, ROBERTSHAW RC62-1050 Functional, ROESCH 166-01 Functional, SCHAEFER/STUDEBAKER C10909-7 Functional, THERMO-KING 1085A58G13 Functional, UNI-LINE 77678 Exact Uni-Line UPC number. Number may appear preceded by Uni-Line's vendor i.d. number, 662013.ex. 66201312345., UNKNOWN A130-120 Functional, UNKNOWN A506 Functional, UNKNOWN K502-70 Functional, UNKNOWN MC506 Functional, WESTINGHOUSE C30534 Functional, WESTWARD KC2611 Exact, WHIRLPOOL 1101151 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 1101151 FSP Functional, WHIRLPOOL 1101152 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 1101152 FSP Functional, WHIRLPOOL 1101153 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 1101153 FSP Functional, WHIRLPOOL 31693 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 31694 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 31761 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 32372 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 32373 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 32374 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 32376 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 32377 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 32378 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 33656 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 33657 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 33658 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 33783 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 33784 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 34035 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 34362 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 34678 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 34896 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 36824 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 38625 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 43004 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 43005 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 504546 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 506775 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 508406 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 519888 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 526107 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 526775 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 531053 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 531174 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 531594 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 531595 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 531606 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 531608 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 531609 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 531611 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 547577 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 547578 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 548762 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 549678 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 819465 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 978040 Functional, WHIRLPOOL 978501 Functional, WHITEHOUSE 29559D Functional, WHITEHOUSE 29559-D Functional, WHITEHOUSE 29559E Functional, WHITEHOUSE 29559G Functional


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