• Manufacturer: ROBERTSHAW
  • Product Code: 300-227

More Information About 300-227

24 Volt 3 Heat 2-Cool or 2 Heat 1-Cool or Heat Pump Applications. 7 Day Deluxe Programmable Thermostat. Offers state-of-the-art control for residential and commercial applications. Designed for new construction or replacement applications, these models feature 7 day programming with the choice of 2 or 4 program periods per day, a keypad lock, a cover lock, and optional remote indoor and outdoor temperature sensors. They also include as standard features automatic changeover, permanent program memory retention during any type of power outage, and a smart fan option that can run the fan continually during occupied periods, which is a requirement in many commercial applications. It comes in a stylish slimline design with a large easy to read liquid crystal display (LCD). ENERSTAT/VALERA SHP2 Exact, ENERSTAT/VALERA SHP-2 Exact, HONEYWELL T7300 Functional, HONEYWELL T8611 Functional, Invensys Climate Controls ta32e12 Functional, JOHNSON CONTROLS T500HPP-1 Exact, JOHNSTONE SUPPLY L38-402 Functional, ROBERTSHAW 10-528 Functional, ROBERTSHAW 10-529 Functional, ROBERTSHAW 300-227 Exact, UNI-LINE 69222 Exact Uni-Line UPC number. Number may appear preceded by Uni-Line's vendor i.d. number, 662013.ex. 66201312345., UNKNOWN 14030090200 Functional, UNKNOWN TC98MHP Exact, WHITE-RODGERS 1F94 Functional


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