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York, Coleman, Luxaire Fan and Electric Heat Control Board
Part no. 031-01264-002

Replaces: 031-01238-000, 031-01264-001

USED ON THE FOLLOWING UNITS: F2RP018N06G, F2RP018H06G, F2RP024N06G, F2RP024H06G, F2RP030N06G, F2RP030H06G, F2RP036N06G, F2RP036H06G, F2RP042N06G, F2RP042H06G, F3RP024H06TG, F3RP030H06TG, F3RP036H06TG, F3RP042H06TG, F2RP (G), F3RP (TG) SERIES FAN COIL UNIT, N1VSB1206XG, N1VSC1606XG, N1VSD1206XG, N1VSD2006XG, N1VS VARIABLE SPEED AIR HANDLER UNIT (“X” MODELS), N1AHB0806A, N1AHB1206A, N1AHD1406A, N1AHC1606A, N1AHD2006A, N1AHB1246A, N1AHC1646A, N1AHD2046A, N1AHB1293A, N1AHC1693A, N1AHD2093A, N1AH SERIES AIR HANDLERS, F2FC024N06G, F2FC030N06G, F2FC036N06G, F2FC SERIES FAN COIL UNIT (STYLE G), F2FP018N06B, F2FP024N06B, F2FP030N06B, F2FP036N06B, F2FP040H06B, F2FP042N06B, F2FP045H06B, F2FP048N06B, F2FP048H06B, F2FP060N06B, F2FP060H06B, F3FP040H06TA, F3FP045H06TA, F3FP048H06TA, F3FP060H06TA, F2FP (B), F3FP (TA) SERIES FAN COIL UNIT, F2FV060H06G, F3FV060H06TG, F2FV (G), F3FV (TG) VARIABLE SPEED FAN COIL UNIT, F2RP024N93B, F2RP036N93B, F2RP048N93B, F2RP060N93B, F2RP 50 HZ SERIES FAN COIL UNIT (STYLE B), B1UX024, B1UX036, B1UX048, B1UX060 Single Package Heat Pump 15 SEER, B*HP060 Gen 1 13 SEER Heat Pump

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