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A molded plug wiring harness (45-100834-80) is required in order to make the electrical connections on this compressor.

Technical Data:

Capacity (BTU/HR): 58500

Type: Scroll

Refrigerant: R-22

Input Voltage (V): 380-415

Input Voltage (V): 460

No. of Phases: 3

Freq. (Hz.): 50

Freq. (Hz.): 60

Rated Load Current (A): 9.1

Max. Continuous Current (A): 12.8

Locked Rotor Current (A): 62

Crankcase Heater Included?: No

Crankcase Heater Part Number: 44-17402-48

Soundwrap (Brinmar): 68-25217-10

Refrigerant Oil: 85-H2301

Suction Line Location: 2

Suction Line Height (in.): 11/3/04

Suction Line Configuration: Stub Out

Suction Line Size (in.): 7/8

Discharge Line Location: 3

Discharge Line Height (in.): 16-1/8

Discharge Line Configuration: Stub Out

Discharge Line Size (in.): 1/2

Overall Compressor Height (in.): 17-1/4

Mounting Base Dimensions (in. x in.): 7-1/2 x 7-1/2

Engineering Approved Alternates:

The parts shown below have been approved by parts engineering as acceptable alternates. The conditions of approval noted below must be satisfied before substituting the alternate part. Only the specific part numbers noted are approved. If the specified alternate has been replaced, or itself also has approved alternates, the linked or alternate parts have not been approved.

Alternate: 55-23139-31S Inventory: NONE

Conditions of Approval: These compressors are identical except for the means for making the electrical connection. The 55-100835-44S requires a molded plug wiring harness (45-100834-80) while the 55-23139-31S is connected via standard quick-connects.

Commonly Used With:

Model: Part:

RJNA 55-100835-44S

RLMA 55-21737-31S

RKMA 55-21737-31S

RJMB 55-23139-31S

RKMB 55-23139-31S

RKNB 55-23139-31S

RLMB 55-23139-31S

RLNB-A 55-23139-31S

RKKB 55-23140-93S

RKMB 55-23140-93S

RLKB 55-23140-93S

RLMB 55-23140-93S

Compressor ID:

ID: Model(s):

7327 RJNA-A060D


55-23140-93S ,
55-23139-31S ,
55-23139-31 ,
55-21737-31 ,
55-21737-31S ,
55-23140-93 ,
55-21737-20 ,

Vendor Information:

Primary Vendor: Copeland

Primary Vendor BOM: ZR57K3-TFD-830

Begin Date: 08/31/2006 5510083544S


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