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Condenser Motor - 1/5 hp 208-230/1/50-60 (825 rpm/1 speed)


For technical specifications for this motor, see the links provided for the motor part numbers above. Note that while the specifications may vary slightly, these motors have been approved by Rheem engineering to be interchangeable in all applications.
The 51-102500 series motors are service motor part numbers. The box is labeled as 51-102500-04, and the motor supplied inside will be either 51-102008-07 (Emerson) or 51-101774-03 (G.E./Regal Beloit).
The end boss mounting holes are NOT tapped on these motors. Quantity (4) self-tapping machine screws (10-32 x 7/16 in.) should be used for mounting. Normally, the original screws can be reused for replacement. If additional screws are required, 63-100404-01 is the part number used in production. Equivalent fasteners are also available in most hardware stores.

Engineering Approved Alternates:

The parts shown below have been approved by parts engineering as acceptable alternates. The conditions of approval noted below must be satisfied before substituting the alternate part. Only the specific part numbers noted are approved. If the specified alternate has been replaced, or itself also has approved alternates, the linked or alternate parts have not been approved.
Alternate: 51-102008-07 Inventory: NONE
Conditions of Approval: The 51-102500 series are service motor part numbers. The actual replacement motor will be 51-102008-07 (Emerson) or 51-101774-03 (G.E./Regal Beloit).
Alternate: 51-101774-03 Inventory: NONE Commonly Used With:
Model: Part:
UPNE 51-101774-03
UPNL 51-101774-03
14AJL 51-101774-03
UAND 51-102008-03
UANL 51-102008-03
UPNE 51-102008-03
UPPC 51-102008-03
UPPL 51-102008-03
13AJA 51-102008-03
13AJL 51-102008-03
14AJA 51-102008-03
14PJL 51-102008-03
VAGL 51-102008-07
UANL 51-102008-07
UAPL 51-102008-07
UAPM 51-102008-07
UPNL 51-102008-07
13AJM 51-102008-07
13PJA 51-102008-07
13PJL 51-102008-07
14PJM 51-102008-07
15PJL 51-102008-07

51-102008-07, 51-101774-03, 51-102008-03

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